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Excellence in Manufacturing and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Welding, Brazing & Assembly

From concept to assembly, our team employs the latest technology

Endicott Precision Inc.'s production capabilities greatly exceed single level precision sheet metal fabrication and machined components. We also excel at manufacturing assemblies made from multiple components.

Our assembly expertise includes welding, spot welding, brazed, dip brazed and mechanical assemblies.

Combine these in-house capabilities with value added services including hardware components and emi/rfi gaskets and Endicott Precison, Inc.'s ability to serve all of your assembly needs becomes apparent.

Most product finishes, such as plating, painting, and other surface treatments, are available through our Nadcap partners.

Let us assist you with your new design.  We will offer realistic suggestions to improve the manufacture of the overall product and reduce both cost and delivery time.  Endicott Precision, Inc. will also review your existing designs.  Together, we can streamline concept, manufacture, and finished product to produce the optimal assembly at minimal cost. 

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