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Endicott Precision Acquires new Vertical Machining Centers

Thu, Jan 29 2009

Endicott Precision has acquired seven new YAMA SEIKI Vertical Machining Centers. One VMB 1600 and six AF 1000's. "Introducing YAMA SEIKI with mature manufacturing abilities and advanced technology skills, the AF series. It is based on high efficiency direct-drive spindle, high rigidity roller type linear guide way design with highly rigid structure, fast arm type ATC and chip conveying system. It provides fast, strong, stable machining performance and high CP value. Therefore, it is broadly used in high precision machine parts manufacturers that can easily meet your demands of today and tomorrow.

Thanks to our advanced developing skills, the AF series are designed especially for high precision machine parts manufacturers. The AF series show high accuracy and high efficiency machining capability and have the highest CP value among peer models.


High speed and high effieciecy direct-drive spindle design ensure the contour precision machining ability and meet all your cutting requirements.X, Y, Z axes are all adopted with heavy-weighted roller type linear guide way design, to provide the best control and firmly supported.High effiency 24T arm type design is highly reliable and shortens tool change time.The hang type control panel and spacious operating area provide an ergonomic working environment."



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