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Endicott Precision Purchases Miller Axcess 300 MIGRunner MIG Welder

Wed, May 2 2012

Axcess Systems - Flexible, Expandable and Upgradeable. Axcess digital control technology combined with inverter welding power source is designed to reduce the complexity of a semi-automatic pulsed MIG system, simplify installation and provide superior welding performance.


·    Auto-Line™ Power Management technology allows for any primary input voltage hook-up (190-630V) with no manual linking. Assures rock-solid, consistent output on fluctuating primary lines.

·    Seperate 9-pin Palm™ handheld (PDA) and 9-pinRS-232 serial communication port provide Axcess with data transfer and optional program downloads

·    Axcess four-drive-roll wire drive feeder is combined with operator interface leaving no controls back at the power supply

·    MIG welding programs include Accu-Pulse®, Accu-Curve™, Accu-Speed™ standard or adaptive pulse, conventional MIG and metal core programs

·    Accu-Pulse® MIG process delivers precise control of the arc even over tack welds and in tight corners

·    SureStart™ technology provides consistent arc starts by precisely controlling power levels for specific wire and gas combinations


·    Input Power: 208/230/460/575 Volts; 3 Phase; 50/60 Hz

·    Rated Output: 300 Amps; 29 Volts DC, 60% Duty Cycle (225 Amps; 25.3 Volts DC; 100% Duty Cycle)

·    Output Range: 10-44 Volts; 5-400 Amps DC

·    Dimensions (H X W X D): 23" X 17" X 22 1/2"

·    Net Weight: 116 lbs.

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